Meet The Coaches

We are coaches interested in the betterment of all of our members from the moment they join our gym. We teach results based fitness promoting the improvement of life, wellness, and general physical preparedness (GPP). At Crossfit Blade we are centered on quality coaching in a group setting to promote a strong community in a competitive and friendly environment.

Co-Owner & Head Trainer

I live and breathe Crossfit and have dedicated myself to coaching and learning CrossFit methodology day in and day out.  I am 100% devoted to helping the members and Coaches at CFB reach any goal that they set out to achieve and I hope that when you meet me, my energy and enthusiasm will convey that.

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Co-Owner & Head CF Kids Coach

My favorite thing about crossfit is that I can share the same experience with everyone doing crossfit no matter what each persons capabilities are. There is so much involved with Crossfit that I will never get bored, I only get challenged to become a better athlete by always learning new things.

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Crossfit Blade Coach

I love the challenge that every workout brings. I love competing every day. I love getting healthier and helping others get healthier. Most of all I love our community! I guess I have a lot of favorites!

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Crossfit Blade Coach

I love that CrossFit can be so many different things for so many different people. I love that our gym is a place where everyone is accepted and a place where we can all go to help make ourselves better and healthier people.

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Crossfit Blade Coach

My favorite thing about Crossfit is the moment you’ve accomplished what you never was thought possible.

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