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RD 1:

200m Run

8-10 Kip Swings

8-10 Russian Swings

RD 2 & 3

200m Run

6-8 Working Pull Up Movement

6 Working KB Load


Time to test your mental fortitude!

3 rounds of:

800m run

42 KBS 53/35#

24 Pull Ups

Scale 800m to 400m run, KB weight, pull ups to banded pull ups, Ring Rows. May also scale Pull Ups, Strict Banded Pull Ups, Strict-seated ring pull up number to 15

Cool Down

1. Walk around building with friends

2. Hamstring Floss: 3 min per side

3. Hip Floss: 3 min per side

4. Lat Floss: 3 min per side