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Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 15:

1. Strict Pull Up Variation

2. Handstand Variation

3. :30 Hollow Hold

SPU Options: 5-8 Reps ea

Strict Chest to Bar PU

Strict Pull Up

Strict Pull Up + Seated SRPU

Seated Strict Ring Pull Up

Partner Assist Pull Up

Handstand Options:

:30 Free Standing HS Hold

:30 HS Hold On Wall

3/2/1 Wall Walks

*Record PU Reps & HS Hold Reps below.

Strict Chest To Bar Pull Ups (5 Sets X choose)

From dead hang perform a strict pull up making contact with the body under neath the clavicle
Adjust sets x reps to match sets

Strict Pullups (5 sets X choose)

Adjust sets x reps to match sets

Seated Strict Ring Pull Up (5 X Choose)

Sit on floor with rings high enough for arms to fully extend. With a neutral grip, pull yourself up until chin is even with rings.

Handstand Hold (nose and toes) (5 X :30 Freestanding )

Scale: Box Hold (goal is to stack the hips over shoulders and wrist)

Handstand Hold On Wall (5 X :30 on wall)

Kick up into HS against the wall. Hold for prescribed time.

Wall Walks (5 X 3, 2 or 1)

If unable to kick into HS

Wile E. Coyote (Time)

3 rounds:

400m run

18 Pull Ups


12 Toes to Bar

RX+ = CTBPU & Strict HSPU

Scale: PU to SBPU or RR, HSPU to 1 or 2 AM or Pushups or box pushups, T2B to KKR or V-Ups